Buying 6870 from newegg, mail-in rebate ?


May 16, 2011
Nope.. you pay the $196. After which you fill out some paperwork, cut a piece of the box your card came in.. mail it to XFX.. and then wait 6-8 weeks for them to send you a check or a prepaid American Express card worth $30.

Rebates suck

The point of the mail-in rebate is to attract buyers.

Sometimes the buyer would fill in the rebate info incorrectly or forget to mail in the rebate. If that happens you don't your rebate and the company would keep the money that could have been yours.

Totally agree with this ! Another reason many companies use them is to cut down on returns since once the UPC symbol is cut from the box you can no longer return the item for a refund. Figure it gives the manufacturer several things 1 - cuts down on customers that change their mind and return the item for a refund after a couple weeks, 2 - provides them with a lot of $ in the bank that can be used for 2-3 months before the rebate is actually returned to the buyer ($30 x each card sold adds up !), 3 - many buyers will fail to send in all of the needed info in a timely manner to get the refund meaning they get to keep that extra $30, 4 - even after sending the refund a good percentage of those that get the refund will fail to cash the check or lose it before cashing giving them even more $ they can keep, 5 - Let's them advertise a lower price than they are actually selling the card for to attract buyers that would buy another brand instead if the rebate were not included (even though a good percentage will never actually get the refund).

You'll also need to find a site that ships to Egypt while you are at it -- IIRC Newegg only ships within the US. - they also have a Canadian location ( but I believe it only ships to Canada as well !