Question Buying a Domain for the first time ?


Apr 3, 2015
Hello everyone.
Please, I would like your help on the following issue.
I am on the way to buy a domain, and then create a mail address (or maybe more) on the domain.

So, my first query is: I see that buying domains prices are very low. But, because it is my first time domain buying, is it only for the first year, and when renewing the price goes up?

Also, I am interested only on mail addresses building. No web site. Are there registrars that with domain buying give 1 mail address as a gift and others not?

And finally, it's about SPF, DKIM and DMARC txt records. Do I have to learn setting them up, or these records have to do with ESPs (Email Service Providers), and I will not have to set up anything on the DNS nameserver DNS records?

Thank you in advance!


Yes. I would expect prices to go up. That is built into most contracts and agreements even if prices are not driven up by inflation and/or demand.

What the registrars provide, both initially and later on, is subject to the contracts you sign. Costs may be increased at any time depending on any number of factors.

How many email addresses are created, stored, distributed etc....

Could be scaled:

1,000 addresesses might cost you X amount. 1,001 addresses could cost 2 times X amount. Or some scheme that rapidly increases how much you have to pay per email address.

You must pay very close attention to the details of the domain name purchase. The fine print often allows just about anything to happen - likely not in your favor.

Not sure about what you are really planning to do so cannot directly comment regarding having "to learn setting them up".

However, I do know that that is something you must be sure about before committing to any contracts, purchases, etc..


Many countries have rules regarding emails, privacy, databases, and records in general. You need to understand both the technical and the legal aspects of whatever your business plan may be. If you cannot do it, or understand it, then you will need to pay for someone who can.....

You may have a good idea. Unfortunately, that good idea has likely been thought of and there are those companies and businesses more that willing to help you along.

At a cost, likely expensive, and again not in your long term interests.

Be very careful and seek legal advice.

Just my thoughts on the matter.


Apr 3, 2015
Thank you for your answer and very knowledgeable information!

The true is that I want to build a professional email address and leave at last all these @yahoo , @gmail , @hotmail etc addresses.

Also, because I have read a lot on networking, DNS, DNS records, IPs , and all that, trying to become a professional, because I really like the IT world (and most networking and mailing world), I would like to learn building it myself. It is not a matter of cost that I do not want to have someone else make it for me. But it is that I want to learn myself make it work because of adoring networking world.

And to let you know, I would some day be on the point to be able to build my own mail server. I have read a lot and seen too many videos on YouTube talking about building mail server on your own. Talking about DNS domain rental, VPS servers, MS Exchange Servers, Postfix, MDAs, MTAs, etc, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and all these staff. But, this step is for now too high and away from me.

For now, I want to build from 1 to max 5 professional mail addresses (with 1GB mailbox each), on the domain name I will rent/choose, and on as much as low prices it can be made.


Dec 22, 2012
This subject seems to be a little overcomplicated. The situation is simple:
  1. Choose a suitable domain name that is available then register it with a registrar.
  2. Look for a hosting provider to host your domain
  3. Go to the management section on your registrars web site and enter the nameserver information showing where your domain is hosted.
  4. Then log-in to your hosting account and go to the cpanel. Here you can set up as many email addresses as you like - 1 or 10,000 !
  5. You don't need to set up a web site - the www is only one service on the internet - there are many others. Note howevr that if ou do NOT make some kind of webpage then your hosting provider will show an 'under construction' page instead.
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