Question Buying a First computer for AAA gaming titles

Aug 20, 2019
Hi All,

I am looking at buying a second Hand PC to run somebody new games on I am currently looking at buying one in the uk I will list the specs below I was wondering if this would be able to run most games well and how much to pay for it I am from the United Kingdom. Also would this computer and parts be okay to upgrade in the future. Thanks for the help

AMD Ryzen 5 1500x Quad core 3.5GHz - 3.7GHZ
Gigabyte GTX 1050ti 4GB Graphics card
16GB (8GB x 2) Team Group DDR4 2400MHz RAM
MSI B350 PC Mate Motherboard
250GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD
450 w Corsair 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply
Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 5 case

The current price I have been offered on this is £350.


What resolution?

There's a few issues:
  1. PSU, too small to do much of an upgrade in GPU.
  2. MOBO, will only accept ryzen 3 if the manufacturer chooses to enable it, probably won't happen if it hasn't already.
  3. CPU, weak, but good enough for now (just about), you'll need to upgrade but issue 2 limits those choices.
  4. SSD, you'll need a HDD or bigger SSD, 250Gb is not big enough, a AAA game can take 60+GB, one and an OS and you're getting a little tight.
  5. RAM, ryzen loves fast ram, and will improve overall performance with fast RAM, that's very very slow RAM.
In conclusion, it was a cheaply built machine, that will need a lot swapping out to do AAA gaming at 1080p. Figure out what you are willing to spend on it fixing it up, and then use that as the overall budget and start again.