Buying a Gaming Desktop


Aug 10, 2011
I have been playing a lot of games on my 1.6 gigahertz work laptop like Team Fortress 2, and Starcraft 2 and been having a lot of fun. :D

However as you've probably guessed from the first sentence I also lag.... hard, even on lowest settings. I've seen my fps drop to 1 at times! :sweat:

Thus I'm in need of a good gaming desktop, that can run games like Team Fortress 2 and Starcraft 2 on normal settings easily. But, having no knowledge on computers, I'm unsure what to get. Which is why I'm here asking for help on deciding what to buy.

My budget is leaning towards the 700 but up to 1100$ is ok. This is including the computer, operating system, monitor, graphics card, keyboard and any additional stuff. Pre-assembled or self assembled is okay.

So to recap I'm asking for help on buying a computer that run games like TF2 and SC2 well, but is on the cheaper end of the spectrum. Thanks in advance :love: