Buying a new computer and need help


Sep 8, 2012
i am buying a new computer and am completely overwhelmed by what i have available. i will be playing mainly minecraft and other games that are not extremely graphics intensive. i want to be able to play minecraft on its highest settings (far render, smooth lighting, all particles...ect) and be able to host a server at the same time. i sometime play with mods and also want to be able to run SDKs shader mod which ive heard is fairly graphics intensive but not like BF3 on high settings. i will also be using it to do schoolwork (word document, powerpoint, photo, and will be using pinnacle studio 14). i might play some games like COD and BF3 but dont really need to be able to play them on high settings. i have 600$ but could go to 650$. i would prefer intel processor and watn either a dell or an HP.

Thanks for any help guys! :p