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Jun 21, 2019
Hello my dudes ,
I came here to ask for some critique and thoughts on the build.
First of all , I'm buying this pc just because i've been playing csgo for years now and playing on 50ish fps (settings : all low) and i really appreciate the game and playing like this was making me frustrated.
The pc im buying is mainly for CSGO and for some android emulation ( but mainly csgo) and i would like to get steady 300frames. So , since im a begginer , I did my research and try to setup one that looked like it could help me achieve those 300fps. So i came up with this:
->AMD Ryzen 5 2600x 3.6ghz
-> MSI B450 Tomahawk
->G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4 3000 16GB 2x8GB CL16
->Noctua NH-D15 (cooler cpu)
->Seagate BarraCuda 3.5" 1TB SATA3
-> AM4 sockets configuration
->Samsung 860 EVO Basic SSD 250GB SATA3
-> Tempest Spectra RGB USB 3.0 com Janela
-> EVGA W1 600W 80 Plus
-> Asrock Phantom Gaming X Radeon RX580 8GB OC GDDR5
-> Asus PCE-N15 WiFi 11n 300Mbps Perfil Bajo PCI-e N300 (internet adapter)
Now ill enumerate many of my questions about this build:
1 : Am i "overkilling" it in any part , could i save money in any of this pc part and still get really approximate results?
2: Do i really need to buy an internet adapter? isnt it something builtin in the motherboard?
3: Can i save money on the case? i would like to have a case with good airflow and im not sure if that one is suitable for that and compatible with all the parts.
4: should i buy some lower wwattaged psu?
5: Do i have to buy OS ? Can i stay with unlicensed windows forever? What are the downsides of unlicensed windows?
6: And finally: how should i choose de wireless adapter? what should i have into account?

Overclocking : I may overclock someday not sure though. (some choices were already made considering this , thats why i went for a "median-high" motherboard ( i think , new to these things))
If i were to overclock would i ever need more fans than that one and the others who come with the other parts?
Keep in mind i play csgo in low res with low graphs .
I only went for the rx580 instead of the 570 , because i heard about bottlenecking and i'm afraid cpu is too powerful for the gpu. So I tried to balance it.

SLI or Crossfire: NO (i think)
Final info : i'll buy a 144hz monitor , not sure if that weights in some process of thought on this build.

Thank you in advance and have a good day ,
from a portuguese

p.s sorry if i made this confusing to read.
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Nov 27, 2018
if you are using 1080p with 570 you will most of the time have about 300-330fps but at some points (looking at more opened areas) it might drop down to 250 but with 580 it would be 40fps more so i recomend you getting 580
if you want to save money on cpu you can but it definetly wouldnt pay off beacuse 2600x is one of the best if not the best for the price so if you want to save money you would sacrifice a decent amount of performance for a few bucks.
About the psu you can take some with 500w if that means something to you.
for the ram good you are taking the 3000 bc it works well on razen again 8gb is enough for sc go but in a few years it might change so with your rig unchanged you can expect long time of good cs go gaming experience
A NH-D15 seems overkill for cooling a Ryzen 2600X. You most likely don't need a cooler that large and expensive for that processor. Even for overclocking, you'll likely be able to get everything you can out of it with a $30 tower cooler, and at stock clocks, the cooler that comes with the processor would be fine.

It might also be worth holding off a couple weeks for the Ryzen 3000 CPUs to launch, as they should offer increased performance per clock. The Ryzen 3600 might be a good option if it overclocks well and if you can find a motherboard that's compatible with it out-of-the-box without being too expensive. Reviews should provide more details about how they perform.

I only went for the rx580 instead of the 570 , because i heard about bottlenecking and i'm afraid cpu is too powerful for the gpu. So I tried to balance it.
Having a fast processor isn't going to be a problem. "Bottlenecking" is simply referring to one component limiting the maximum performance of another. It's generally just an issue in terms of wasting money on a component that is being held back by another. The RX 580 is probably a good option though, particularly if you decide to run any games that are more demanding.

As for unlicensed Windows, it will keep a watermark in the corner of your screen, in addition to limiting some desktop customization options. If you want to register it but really don't have $100 to spend, you might consider purchasing a key from a third-party key reseller, who generally pick up licenses for cheap in countries where they don't cost much. Technically, it's against the terms and conditions of the Windows license for these to be sold elsewhere, and it's possible that the key could potentially be deactivated at some point in the future, but the option is there.