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Question Buying additional storage for Dell PowerEdge T330

Jul 7, 2020
I have a Dell PowerEdge T330 for personal learning. It came with a 200 GB SATA SSD but has drive bays for 7 other drives. I have installed Ubuntu 18 on the server. According to Dell's spec it can accommodate following types of drives:

2.5” SATA 7.2K
2.5” SATA SSD's
2.5” nearline SAS 7.2K
2.5” SAS 10K HDDs
2.5” SAS 15K HDDs
3.5” Enterprise SATA 7.2K HDDs
3.5” nearline SAS 7.2K HDDs

I want to buy 3-4 more drives mainly to setup a RAID (the server comes with a hardware RAID Controller). Since I already have SSD I would prefer to combine it with an SAS drive. I have following questions:

(1) Where will I get a good price on SAS drives? Since it is a system I use for learning I don't much care about performance or capacity.
(2) Do I have purchase HDD caddy separately to install it in the drive bays?


1 - if you dont care then get sata. Cheaper and more availability. If you are looking for used, then check locally or on serversupply. I've bought form them several times.
2 - pull an empty one out and look. Do you need a caddy or not. We can't know what was included in your purchase. This is what they look like. To mount a 2.5" drive you will need an adapter.

This is assuming you have the T330 that has 3.5" bays and not the smaller one.