Question Buying an office desktop and throwing in a video card

Mar 19, 2020
So I saw this very interesting video recently of a guy buying an office desktop for 150 bucks with an i5 3450 and integrated graphics and adding more RAM, an SSD and a second hand dedicated graphics card (RX 570).

As you can see from the benchmark at 9:52, the results are pretty great for a build that cost 285 in total (again, the graphics card he bought was second hand tho)

So I want to get a new budget pc and the past few days I've been intensively trying to get a new build together around the Ryzen 1600AF which came down to about 310 euros if I use my old (crappy) Radeon HD 7770 which I would upgrade in the future and also my old hard drive.

Now Ive been thinking of this idea to buy an office desktop of 188 euros, which is refurbished, but it's revised by an official company with good reviews and if contains an i5-3470, so actually better than the CPU in the video, and 8gb ram, and my idea was to also buy a graphics card like RX470 for 150 euros and add it to the desktop almost as much as my initial Ryzen build but with a graphics card and quite some capacity.

Would it be a good idea to try this?
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