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Buying an SSD, wondering how to migrate Windows 10 to it.


Oct 12, 2015
Basically I have seen people clone the hdd to the ssd, but this requires me to downsize my hdd to the same size as the ssd and clone it... However, my question is, can I not just move/clone the system files onto the ssd and leave everything else on the hdd? Or is there any other method whereby I don't have to lose everything/downsize my hdd?
Your apps have entries in the windows registry.
The apps have to move along with windows.
I think there is a work around for steam games.

How much space is actually used on your HDD?
How big will the ssd be?

The very easiest thing to do is to buy a Samsung ssd and use their free ssd migration app.
If the space on the ssd is not large enough for the used space on the hdd, you can exclude data folders.
The app is a windows C drive mover, not a clone.
A clone is a bit for bit copy.

For more info, download the migration app.
"can I not just move/clone the system files onto the ssd and leave everything else on the hdd? "

I think the problem here is separating the system files from everything else. It's not as cut and dry as that. The system files interact with the app files so by separating them I think you are asking from problems.

If I were in your situation, I'd either get a bigger SSD or I'd start removing as much extraneous data files and apps as I could of the HDD before you do the clone.

Either that ...or just do a clean Windows install on the SSD and make the HDD a data/backup drive.

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