May 26, 2018
I am thinking of buying an ssd for christmas and i cant decide which one... i will probably buy 500gb.. i am thinking crucial mx500 or adata xpg sx8200 pro 500gb. i am going to use it for OS and some games

i want your opinion which one should i buy because they have similar prices
Uh.. are you sure you're thinking of the same model? The MX500 was launched in 2018.
I thought it was an MX500 because it's 525 GB....but it's an MX 300 purchased in 2016.

....and then I found this>>>

The MX300's performance takes a serious hit when it is full or subjected to heavy write loads, but the MX500 retains much more of its performance and does a better job of keeping latency under control


hmm i dunno they are pretty much the same price and this xpg is has really faster write and read

Ah, yes, that's because the ADATA model uses NVMe protocol, whereas the Crucial model runs SATA protocol.

I was thinking of some different, SATA-based ADATA model - my bad. The warranty and write endurance seem excellent.

Also, here is a review of it, which is pretty darn positive.