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Build Advice Buying new components to my PC... Looking for some advises.

Oct 14, 2019
So, i am building a new pc now. My current PC is...well...not so good for my purposes:
  • Heavy streaming/multi-tasking + on-screen recording. My work consists of having several streams (4-5) available on my screens while i do some browsing and other work at the same time. Now it becomes quite laggy and sometimes a bit slow when i am doing so. Naturally i stream a lot myself too, so it's a must that it should go well with that as well.
  • I should note that since i do quite a lot of audio work, i would love the system to be as quiet as it possibly CAN be, though i do understand that i cannot expect overly much on this, of course.
  • Aside from that, i will do easy/casual gaming, meaning i am not demanding overly heavy gaming specs, but enough so i can game things nicely. I do NOT plan to game hardcore, for sure. And i do NOT game any FPS games. More like FIFA and RPG games. However, since i have a 1440p 144hz screen, i'd need something that can run those games nicely as well, though not necessarily on ultra/very high settings. I am not that particular picky about all that fancy graphic stuff.
  • I will also do a lot of sound/video/picture editing, so i would need the system to work well enough without things needing to be processed for some slow and crazy amount of time (yep, i know it takes time to render etc.) I do not have any plans to do much 4k video editing, though. I run 4 screens now. 5th will come in some months.
My budget will be somewhere in the range of $1000~1500.

I already have: FD R6 tower, mouse+keyboard (Razer), PSU (EVGA Supernova G3 550W, but this might be upgraded if needed to and monitors.

I have received some good help and advises to gather up a solid army of components that will fulfill my preferences and that will work great in my area of usage, and this are the components i have gathered so far:

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 (according to reviews and others, it seems like 3600 has great performance for my purposes and goes well with the other components on the list while also costing about $155 less than the 3700X, which i was looking to get at first...)
GPU: PowerColor Red Devil 5700 XT 8gb (quiet, great cooling and performs great + great price among the 5700 XT gpus that are available)
CPU Cooler: Scythe Ninja 5 (in about all the reviews, it's gotten THE best and most solid results in terms of quietness, performance AND it costs even less than the D15... a no-brainer this!)
SSD: PNY CS3030 M.2 1tb (overall, i get even more for the same price as the Adata M.2, which costs the same as this one)
Monitor: LG 32GK850F (best overall monitor for my purposes, especially since i am going with AMD. it has a great size, quality, i've got great experiences with previous LG screens, nice features, 144hz, 1440p, and that to an awesome price of $440.. another no-brainer choice!)
Mobo: Asus X570-F Gaming (will hold nicely for years to come aka upgrading-friendly + nice connections and features + gotten great reviews. not sure i can find a better mobo than this for less than $300, or?)

So, the components above i already seem to be determined for, but i am still uncertain about the memory! I have gotten some nice suggestions, and it seems that it stands between these 3, considering that my budget is about $100 for memory:
Patriot Viper 4 Red DDR4 3400MHz 2x8GB (PV416G340C6K) vs G.Skill Black V 3200MHz
vs G.Skill Red V 3600MHz - As you can see, they are quite similar, especially in terms of price. Viper costs $15 more than Red V, while Black V costs $10 less than Red V again...

With all these components, the total will be about $1400. Do understand that since i live in (expensive) Scandinavia, we operate with different prices than in i.e US/UK.

So. I hope i have given enough information so that you lot can share some thoughts/inputs on this setup of components and how good they will be for my purposes. Thanks a lot in advance.
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DDR4-3200Mhz or 3600Mhz will be good to go. 3600 will be obtainable if you go for the X570 platform. You could get an AIO option as opposed to the air cooler. If you weren't recycling your case, I'd have asked you to look at an matx/mitx build. It'd also double as a showpiece rig in your room/office/productivity area.

Would you have a link to the site that you're able to source the parts from? perhaps we could help narrow down some suggestions...? PCPartPicker location(in the drop down menu at the top right hand corner) would assist greatly.