Buying new TV. Please help

Oct 18, 2019
Hi, so i have decided to buy a TV. I have never owned a TV or bought one before so i am almost clueless as to what is important and what is not. I watched a bunch of guide vids on youtube and browsed the web for recommendations. Picked the TV i liked. Then i noticed that most of the TVs have that codec in their compatibility specification (see attached link to pic) and the one i chose does not. So my question is:
How important is it, and what is it for? I couldn't find anything understandable to me on the web.

(sorry for the copy paste link i am terrible with forums :/ )


Probably just an oversight on their part. 4K TV isn't much good if it can't decode common 4K encoding. Besides, 99% of the work is likely to be done by whatever you plug into it. Either a Cable/Satellite receiver, game console, or other smart device. It will certainly accept it's own smart app input. is the site I use for television reviews. They have more a focus on intended use cases, not just reviewing basic stats.
for brands to go with I trust Samsung and LG, I've got a pretty old but super thin Samsung 1080p tv and it's been fabulous as far as performance and longevity are concerned. I would buy another Samsung, and probably will soon and give this one to my son



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