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Aug 12, 2009
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Is it a good idea to buy older model laptops, say 1 or 2 iterations before the current/just announced model?

My primary concern is whether or not the battery deteriorates in storage, even if it's never been used.

i really don't need the cutting edge stuff, but i am looking for one that will last 4-5 years. Durability over performance, as one may put it.

Eyeing the 2018/2019 HP Envy x360 btw.

Sep 18, 2020
I am by no means a battery expert but I can speak to some personal experience. My employers usually replace our laptops every two years and they give the staff the option to buy the used laptops at a really cheap rate. Our laptops are abused to say the least and the last six I've purchased, two in 2015 and the other four 2017 are all working without issue. The batteries still hold a solid charge even though they were regularly exposed to hot and cold temperatures and various charging voltages. One of the 2015 laptops only charges to 98% instead of 100% but it still last a little over four hours on a single charge.

All that being said...I would think a new old model laptop would be okay in the long run. I still use one of the 2017 laptops I purchased from my company as my daily laptop and it is by no means cutting edge. But I runs Windows 10 without issue, does what I need it to do. That laptop is three years old and I don't see needing to replace it anytime soon, it works well enough that I didn't buy any 2019 laptops when they upgraded.

I know this isn't really a technical answer but I hope it helps.
It's very hit and miss and depends on each individual laptop. I've purchased new laptops and had to replace the battery after 14 months (just outside the warranty :cautious:). I've also used laptops that still hold a good charge after 4 years.
Unfortunately, even in the best storage conditions, li-ion batteries should be periodically drained and charged. If it's just been 'sitting on a shelf' for 2+ years there may be some loss of capability.
If you do get it, remember, li-ion batteries will last the longer the more you avoid the extreme ends of the charge/drain spectrum. Charging it when it gets to ~20% and unplugging it when it charges to ~80% goes a long way towards extending your battery life.
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Sep 19, 2020
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Your pick of HP Envy x360 in either 2018 or 2019 versions is a great choice and I don't think storage should have any impact on the battery performance or overall quality of the product. My cousin bought a brand new one last year, just within months of its launch, but now she has already replaced the battery. So, I don't think the previous iterations of older model new laptops should cause any concern on that respect.

Hope this gives some insight!