Buying SSD - 128GB and hard choise


Apr 18, 2012
Dear guys,

I want to buy a new SSD. I looked through the lot of the test and I can not cope with the chose.
I do not know what to choose - Crucial m4 128 GB or Samsung 830 128 GB. At the moment I have a motherboard with SATA II. In the future I'm going to buy a new computer with SATA III.
I need the disk to the system + applications (MSI Afterburner, Xfire, Kaspersky, drivers) + Games (1-2), my storage is a Samsung 500GB F3.

I have a few questions:

Which of these producers frequently releases firmware ?

Which is better as a drive to the system ?

Which is less emergency ?

Wnich is faster ? From what I saw is Crucial is better in the 4K files and the Samsung is better in the files 128K ? What does it mean ? 4K files are often in everyday use ?

I assume that the disks are the same price :)
For me, the Samsung has a small advantage over the Crucial - service is in my town. Crucial have service in the UK :/

Please me, I'm a totall newbie :)
Greetings ! :) Sorry for my poor english.


Nov 6, 2011
Both are good choices. I bought the Samsung (waiting) because I have not seen any complaints about the 830 failing, though I have seen some about M4; so that's zero vs very very few.

If Samsung is in your town, go for it, though ideally you should never have to return it. Here's to hoping . . .

I believe that both drives are so fast that you wouldn't really notice the difference. As a matter of fact, as far as I am concerned, all SSDs are so fast for us regular consumers that the SSD issue is one of reliability versus speed.

This is of course only my opinion, just to give this thread its first response.

Regarding reliability, I believe that both choices are good ones, and this opinion is culled from so much reading I have done from others more knowledgeable (to save you some wear and tear going through websites).


Apr 4, 2012
Personally I have the Crucial 128 on my new Intel Extreme Mobo DZ68BC /i7 and it's really working well. There is a new filmware upgrade out but you will void your Warrantee if you install it.(I Didn't)

If you only have a sata 2 system I'd just use a HDD for now and buy it later.