Buying SSD under £100. Trusted advice?


Mar 11, 2012
Morning, or afternoon.
I'm upgrading my last bottlenecks, OS and Drives.
I thought I may as well do them at the same time, I like the look of these insane boot speeds I've been seeing on youtube.
I'm getting Windows 7 Pro and a SSD but I'm new to SSD. I'll plan to reinstall my programs to the SSD and use HDD for Data only.
My motherboard has 2 SATA III ports so I may as well get a III.
This SSD will only be holding my OS, Sony Vegas, Cubase, and a few other editors so it doesn't need to be big.
I don't use my system for gaming and whenever I upgrade my media editors I uninstall the old one so I'll never use more than around 20GB. I have 2 X 7200rpm sata hard drives for my data.
Could I get away with a 32GB SSD? I'd rather get a smaller one that's fast.
Is it they don't slow down even as they fill up?
Finally, can you recommend a drive for under £100?

Antec P180
Antec true 480w
Asus P8Z68 vlx
Intel 2700k i7
4 x 4GB 1600mhz vengeance
Seagate HD400LJ & Seagate HD501LJ
Samsung 2232BW & Samsung 2333SW
XP Pro 64bit
Sony Vegas Pro 8
Cubase 5

Cheers guys!


Apr 25, 2006
The 120Gb OCZ Agility 3 has just dipped just under £100 for a 120Gb drive (from for example) But you need to add mounting plate, SATA3 cable and postage on to that price. Probably making it about £115-£120

I have recently done a fresh install of Windows 7 on a 120Gb SSD and its quite shocking how much space a "fresh" install of of Windows 7 takes. So far Win 7 Pro fully patched up is taking 35gb of space. This is with no extra applications besides Flash and anti virus.

I personally wouldn't like anything less than 120gb as it would mean a lot of shuffling of applications around, also the larger the drive the faster they tend to be. If you look at performance tables you will notice in nearly all instances the larger version of a drive out performs its smaller version of a SSD.