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Apr 1, 2014

My pc built consists of: i7 4790k , gtx 970 x 2 and 16GB ddr3.

I am going to sell both 970's for about 200€-220€ and then with that budget or i may add some more for a total of 300€ for a used card which will be an upgrade for gaming.

Which card would you suggest to buy with that budget for 1080p gaming or maybe later for 1440p, should i wait for new AMD series or buy previous AMD models rather than nvidia.
Thanks in advance!!

FYI: some used cards in my country sell like, 1070/250€ 1080/300€ 1080ti/450€-500€ (only if it worth to go that high) I know that 20xx and 30xx series are overkill for my needs and bottleneck a lot with my setup.
Nov 22, 2020
Phantom Gaming RX5600XT PGD3 6GB PCI Express 4.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card
USD $289.99


will effectively triple performance of one gtx 970 and add 50% even replacing your dual card setup with the benefit of the 192bit 14gbps meaning your system will never be able to even come close to overworking it....

if you're stuck to nvidia wait about 3 months before getting.... let more people get their 3080ti's installed and there'll be lots of cheap 1080ti's and 2080's out there....

personal preference is amd because they tend to be OC'able and generally don't require as much power as a comparable nvidia card....
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Dual graphics cards show well in synthetic fps benchmarks, but your gaming will be better with a good single card. Plus, dual gpu is prone to stuttering, screen tearing, and non support in an increasing number of games.
You have good plan, I think.
A helpful chart is tom's gpu hierarchy:,4388.html

I would think the GTX1080 you listed would be a reasonable upgrade.

If you buy used from a seller you trust, that is likely OK.
You mostly get what you pay for buying used at every price point.

If you will buy new, look at the recent introductions, if you can ever find one to buy.
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