Buying used i7, need advice


Jan 29, 2009
Hey there everyone, well, I was going to build a computer, but got delayed, and in that time frame have come across someone selling a few week old i7 machine they built.

This is it's setup:

Intel Core i7 920
Corsair XMS3 0Ram 3GB
Western Digital Caviar Hard Drive 320GB
Graphics Card- Diamond Radeon HD 4870
Gigabyte EX58 Motherboard
Cooler Master HAF 932 Case
Cooler Master 650W Power Supply.

This looks to be a good setup to me, my main concern is warranty on the components. I'm working with him to get the receipts, but overall:

-Everything is only a few weeks old
-HD and burner are a couple months old though
-He purchased everything from Fry's and assembled himself
-Selling because he wants to stick to console gaming
-Has driver discs, and some packaging

If I get the receipts and stuff, would this be an ok system to grab for 900-1000 bucks instead of spending the same amount on a Quad Core system?

Is there a reason not to that I'm missing or not factoring?
If you bought the parts yourself and assembled them it would cost about 300+100+60+200+200+160+60+25 (burner)+(maybe) 100 for Vista (I'm assuming you get a license for Vista too).

If the computer is working and you trust the guy then buy it, it's a good deal.

The problem is, do you trust him? What if something is wrong and he just wants to get rid of the PC rather than going through RMA? Or what if he has installed spyware, maybe something that steals and e-mails passwords, and wants to get your banking information or whatever?
BTW, the parts are OK, except for the PSU. CoolerMaster is not a brand I would trust. That particular model has only 2 PCI-E connectors, both needed for a single HD 4870, so you'd need to buy adapters if you wanted a second card in Crossfire.
That's important when you're buying an expensive X58 motherboard.

Also, it has only 45A on the 12V rails, unlike some better PSUs also rated 650W which offer 52A (e.g. Corsair 650TX, Antec True Power 650W) or at least 50A (Silverstone ST65EF).

If you do buy the PC mention this, it might get you a lower price.


Jan 29, 2009
Thanks for the input! I'll definitely use this as a bargaining point!

So the PSU is the only problem?

Any input on warranties? I'd assume I can get them fulfilled with the receipts...?
I don't know, sorry. That's in the fine print for each part, I guess. Some companies offer double lifetime warranties, i.e. somebody in your situation would still get a lifetime warranty just like the original buyer. That's pretty rare though.