Buying Wireless Gaming Headset


Sep 17, 2008
From all reviews I have read so far, all are praising that headset...
it is on the 1st place on my buy list when I upgrade next time...
just bought new headphones today

looked at the corsair 2000 as well as loads of others

decided i could live with a wire and got corsair 1500 as the 2000 were £40 dearer and was worried about interference

from all my other wireless stuff

if the 2000 sounds as good as the 1500 then you wont be disappointed

though i bought these mainly for gaming with some music and video

if buying for mainly music i would go wired and would go for Grado Prestige SR60i--pretty cheap but fantastic sound

Chuck Nachos

Jul 6, 2012
I am not so much interested in the music side. More directional sound and good bass. It seems to have all of those things.
Is there anywhere i could get the Corsair Vengeance 2000 2nd hand. I am pretty sure you can remove the ear cups so i dont care where its been.

I was hoping for around £60 instead of £105.

there are plenty of wireless headsets going about but you want 1 that uses uncompressed audio. they are rare...
make sure you check this out... i would have recommended the F540 or G930 but there are others like the vengance 2000 that work just as well. even creative have a half decent wireless headset... but all will likely be out of your price range if you only willing to spend £100 for that money i would say get some sony 7.1 surround wireless or similar and a clip on or desk mic. you can get pretty much the same quality from audio headgear but it wont cost as much as it doesnt have the gaming logo and the associated markup...


cannot agree with you more, if you want a really good pair of headphones go to Guitar Center, not newegg and furthermore you might need to buy a headphone amp, my 2 cents as an audio nazi