Question Buzz/hum after 10s of NOT playing audio, stops when I open sound configuration

May 17, 2019
I recently (last week) bought a new laptop (Asus UXFN533). When it's plugged in to my speakers, it makes a humming/buzz sound when there's no audio output for <10 seconds. The buzz/humming STOPS when I go to sound configuration. It only does this with one of my speaker-sets so my guess is that this is a grounding problem. It also doesn't hum that loudly when it's power-connected, opposed to running on battery. My previous laptop did not do this (same speakers). The humming only occured when that laptop went to sleep.

My question(s): could it be that the issue comes from a configuration where Win10 disables the sound driver (and thus creating a different 'electrical state') to save battery? Logic: is there any software code that enables the sound driver when going to sound configuration (without playing any (test/notification) sounds. If yes, how do I disable this?

First post, long time visitor. I have been researching this for days, with no clear sollution.

Thanks in advance!


I have the near similar problem when on my Windows 7 system. This isn't completely the OSes fault, rather that the environment in which the computer's board is operating is noisy(electrically).

Some options to try and curb the severity of the issue is to see if BIOS updates are pending and if that solves the issue. Then there's the matter about uninstalling and reinstalling the audio drivers, with the latest version.