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Question Buzzing Coming Through Headphones In Games

Jul 6, 2020
Got a major audio overhaul with my PC and I've got a strange side effect, when in loading screens on games (NFS: HEAT, Dead Cells, Firewatch) I get this loud buzzing sound that changes frequency as the game loads. Other games don't have this issue (Luna Nights, Donut County, Celeste) And no other application I've ran has caused this issue

Here's my speclist:
Ryzen 2700x
MSI 5700 xt

SoundBlaster AE-5 Plus (currently not using encoding)

which connects to my mixer: ART SPLITMix4 Passive 4-channel Mixer / Splitter

Then to my amp: Little Dot MKII (stock tubes, +5 gain)
Headphones: DT 770 Studio 80 OHM

The Soundcard, mixer, amp, and headphones are all brand new.