Question buzzing noise coming through earphones

May 26, 2019
So I have a new computer and I have installed a fresh copy of windows, but there seems to be a buzzing noise coming through my right earphone, I have tried both audio jack ports and its still there. What I have found out is that it only does it when my computer is doing something, if it's just idle on the desktop with nothing open it goes but if I open programs or videos it starts up again.
If I uninstall all the audio drivers it goes so I'm not sure what it could be
I'm thinking it might be getting interference from the hard drive but I'm not 100% sure
or it could be coil whine or maybe a power issue??
I'm lost as to what it could possibly be at this point any help will be appreciated. Thanks

Case - Coolermaster elite 311 blue case
Processor - Intel core i7 4930k (3.4GHz)
Processor Cooling - Corsair H60 hydro series
Graphics card - Nvidia GeForce GTX770
Motherboard - ASUS X79 Deluxe, LG2011
RAM - 16GB Kingston hyper-x fury dual-DDR3 1600MHz(2 x 8GB)
Hard disk - 1TB Seagate SSHD 7200RPM
Power supply - Corsair 650W cs series modular 80 plus gold, ultra quiet

PC Tailor

I don't necessarily mean that a clean will resolve it.
I mean as in a small level of coil whine or friction on a bearing of a fan can cause a vibration to cause a sound through you headphones even though we can't hear it normally.

Not always the case, but is quite common.