Buzzing sound and video freeze. Please help

Aug 15, 2018

This was my first attempt at building a PC. I wanted a fast PC for everyday use and also for gaming. So after watching a lot of YouTube videos, I decided to go for the AMD Ryzen 2600X.
And these are all the parts I bought.

AMD Ryzen 2600X
MSI X370 Gaming Plus
2 x 4gb Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200
Corsair VS550w PSU ( going to send back as I've ordered EVGA GQ 750w Gold)
Palit Jetstream GTX 1060 6gb (sent back and bought EVGA SC GTX 1060 6gb)
Fractal Design Meshify C white
2 Blue Corsair 120m Fans
2 Blue Kyerivs 120m fans from Amazon
TP-Link wireless card
Borrowed an HP w1907v monitor

So after stressing putting it all together with help from YouTube and manuals, I switched it on and, it all lit up. I then plugged my HDMI cable from the pc to my TV as I didn't have a monitor. But I could not get a picture. Tried different cables, turned PC on and off, tried different channels and still no picture. I went on Whisper asking people for help, some said I need a monitor as it won't pick up HDMI until drivers are installed, some said it should work. I then borrowed an old monitor from a friend, didn't have the right connection so went to PC world to buy the wrong DVI adaptor. I then tried again with HDMI, but I decided to remove the TP-Link network card then all of a sudden I managed to get a picture on my TV with HDMI. This made me a bit baffled thinking why would the network card, that was in the correct slot affect me getting a picture.
I installed Windows and got it all up and running and was pleased with myself until I noticed that I had a problem with sound and video. I'll watch a YouTube video then all of a sudden I would hear a crackle then the sound would go, then the video would play in slow-mo. I could restart the PC and it would work and then do the same, but when it happens would vary, could be during one video or after a few videos. It would also happen in games too.
I tried reinstalling the GPU drivers but didn't change a thing. Someone had an ASUS GTX 650 GPU that I borrowed and put into my PC, it was working fine with no issues. I got the correct adaptor and was using the old monitor.
I sent away my Original Palit Jetstream GTX 1060 6gb and got an EVGA SC GTX 1060 6gb which came yesterday, put it in my PC and updated all drivers again while using the Monitor and I came across a sound and video problem. When playing videos and games I would hear a slight buzz and a tiny screen freeze. Reinstalled new drivers but no help. I then plugged pc into my TV with the HDMI and got the exact same issue as before, the sound would go and videos would play slow-mo.
I'm thinking the first GPU was probably fine, or I'm very unlucky with 2 GPU's not working.
I've decided to replace my PSU from the Corsair VS550w with an EVGA GQ 750w as I'm wondering if it's a dodgy PSU because the wattage should be enough.
I also have an issue with the front headphone jack, sounds like you are underwater, but when I plug a small speaker into the front headphone jack and say its a speaker it plays fine.

This PC has stressed me out figuring whats wrong with it, so if anyone has any suggestions id be very happy. I'm hoping when I replace the PSU that will solve the problem, but I gotta feeling it won't, fingers crossed it will.


1| Are you sure you're on the latest BIOS for the X370 motherboard? It's a previous platform and came out when the first Gen Ryzen came out, which means that if the platform is to support the 2nd Gen Ryzen, it's going to need a BIOS update. I'd suggest that you return the board and pick up an X470 board or a B450 chipset board.

Are you on the latest drivers for your platform? Manually downloading and installing them? The VS is considered an expensive paper weight, it should be nowhere near a system. Changing that out might solve the issue.

Regardless of that, since you can power up, I'd suggest that you update the BIOS if you have any revisions pending. If you're yet experiencing the issue, I'd ask you to return the board for another brand or model.

Aug 15, 2018

Yeah, the board came with the latest bios update on it, I even checked in the bios.
I got the new PSU and sent the paperweight back today. That didn't solve the issue. Even when I changed the GPU to the one I borrowed that was being funny but I swear that was working fine before.
I installed all the latest drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled.
Today I've contacted Ebuyer and told them I think its the motherboard, so I sent it back today to get checked out. I decided to get the X370 to save £50 instead of buying the X470. Is there actually much difference apart from having the latest bios?

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