Buzzing sound from GPU under load


Oct 12, 2011
I ran EVGA OC Scanner today and noticed when I ran a stress test a buzzing noise coming from one of my GPUs. I run two 560 ti's in SLI. I usually have my fan profile running when I do benchmarks/gaming but I just spontaneously started the test for one second w/o MSI AB running and I noticed the buzzing. I'm going to check if it does it when I game by lowering my GPU fans (otherwise it gets drowned out). When I listen closely at idle when the GPu's are not under load I think it may be buzzing a little bit as well, but it's hard to tell if is from the card or maybe a case fan. Not sure how long this has been happening as I usually have the fans on when GPU's are under load and wouldn't hear it then really. I've heard this may be coming from the capacitors or inductors? If so does this mean I didn't receive the best cards or is this common? Would it be bad to OC these cards knowing that at least one of them is making these sounds?


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