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Question Buzzing sound from headset mic(realtek drivers can't be uninstalled/installed)

Jun 14, 2020
Hi guys,
Recently built a system
  • Asrock x fatal1ty h270 performance
  • rx580 msi 8g
  • i7 7700k
  • 2x8 2666mhz ddr4 ram
  • 4tb hdd
  • 1475w thermaltake psu(I know its over the top)
Got everything setup nice and well, except for one problem i'm having with my audio drivers.
When I plug in my headset, the computer can recognise it as a pair of headphones, and can recognize the headset mic. However, when actually using the mic, all I get is a weird buzzing sound(will try to attach a recording of the sound). The headset audio output works fine though.
I'm thinking that this is a problem with my audio drivers, so I tried to install the audio drivers from asrock's webpage. However, when ever I try to install it, the actual drivers appear in programs and features, but not in device manager

As you can see, I have the realtek (R) audio driver, but this is not the one that I tried to install, as it auto installs every time i reboot my pc, and also refuses to be uninstalled.

Additionally, this is not a grounding issue, as I tried placing my hand on my case, and nothing improved.
Would appreciate any help anyone can give me, cheers!

https://soundcloud.com/user-39062336%2Fbuzzing-mic here's the recording of the noise, warning: its pretty loud