Question Buzzing sound upon boot, cold weather issue?


Apr 11, 2019
My computer just started to make buzzing sound upon boot after a night that was cold and heavy raining. My PC stands static near a room window and window itself was half open, however pc case and window still a little distance between. PC Case was open to avoid summer heat which I clean up the dust every month or so. Now, pc makes buzzing grinding sound for like 2-3 seconds then turns off itself, this continues in a loop unless I turn off the PSU from behind. However, after a few tries it booted like normally and I reached desktop.

so it was the cold? I also literally TOUCHED a ram stick and a huge cable. I did not push or anything, perhaps that also helped?

Dunno if related but my harddisks also made somesort sound last year during same time period as today. So I assume pc got cold?
Most likely this is simply a failing power supply.

What are your full hardware specs including the exact PSU model? How long has it been in service/

Was this a prebuilt or custom built system? How long ago/ how old is it?

Cold weather should not affect your PC unless it is extremely cold, like, below freezing in the room. And maybe not then.