Question Buzzing sound when certain things are plugged into laptop

Nov 6, 2019
So i have my logitech z333 speakers plugged into my laptop with the 3.5 mm jack. It is fine but whenever my keyboard or mouse is plugged into the same side as the 3.5mm jack ( usb ports on both sides of laptop ) there is a really high pitched noise. I have plugged my keyboard into the other side and the noise went ( it got worse whenever i turned the keyboard RBG on ). But the problem is I only have 1 usb port on the other side ( which my keyboard uses). Because of this, i have to plug my mouse into the same side as the 3.5mm jack. Whenever the laser on my mouse is touching the desk, the ringing gets louder ( it's still there when i just plug the mouse in ). I have gotten around it for years by just turning all volume to the max ( games, actual laptop etc) then controlling the master volume by the speaker dial. But whenever I'm listening to anything loud i turn it up and the ringing comes back, making me unable to listen to certain things. All drivers are updated. If anyone can help, that would be great :)