[SOLVED] Buzzing sounds from speakers and mic output


Nov 1, 2010
Hey, I'm not sure if power supplies is the best category, but I'm noticing some static and crackling from time to time coming out of my speakers, even if my computer is asleep. There's always been a slight pop when someone turns off the bathroom fan, so I definitely feel like it's affected by the wiring in the house. I've checked all the input/output connections on my speakers and they seem to be just fine. Actually as I write this, I think my speakers crapped out because I can't get any sound out of them. The headphone passthrough works fine, though. Edit: Sound is back...

ALSO, I've been told that my microphone is transmitting buzzing/staticky noises at times on Discord. I've looked online for some answers and they suggested that I ground my PC by attaching a copper wire to the case and then sticking on like an A/C vent or other large metal object. I thought my PC would already be grounded via the PSU's power cable.

Basically, with these two factors together, I want to ask if this is some indication that there are some electrical issues with my system. Could my PSU be showing some signs? Is it just coincidence and both my Samson mic and Logitech speakers are having their own issues?

Thanks for reading and for any help you can provide!