Question Bypass secondary router.

Sep 16, 2019

Had a good look around forum and tinterweb to no avail, apologies if already posted.

I have a primary router (ISP Provided in France) with a secondary router (asus RT N66U) connected to it via ethernet ( no reason for not using wifi). I have an OpenVPN on the secondary router with a pc connected to it via ethernet (at it has no wifi adapter). I use it for watching UK TV need the VPN for geographical reasons.

Thus as a result of the VPN download speeds are much lower on the PC

So my question: is there a way to keep the PC wired to the secondary router but simply use it as a pass-through/switch when not watching TV to get the download speeds of the Primary non-vpn'd router.

Many thanks in advance.
I forget what features the n66u has. Used to be able to load merlin firmware, maybe still can load old versions if you can find it.

In any case there is a way to list sites that use the vpn and sites that bypass the vpn. Merlin has this and I think asus in the later firmware has it. Problem will be what software you can load on that old router. It migth have the feature it is on the bottom of the vpn client screen.

The other brute force method is to just stop the vpn client and it will go direct.....there is a feature that prevents this so make sure that is not enabled.



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