C Drive crashed, Replaced and reloaded Windows 10, now file manager does not see my B: Drive


Mar 25, 2017
1.SYSTEM Build, I7 4790K, GPU EVGA 1080 FTW, MB ASUS Z7 WIFI PRO, C:Drive SAMSUNG SSD 500MB 850 PRO, B: drive HDD SEAGATE 2TB, RAM CORSAIR VENGENANCE 16MB, PS CORSAIR HX 850 W, My C: drive died and i replaced it with the SAMSUNG 850 PRO reloaded WINDOWS 10, and all the drivers everything works fine EXCEPT Windows 10 File manager does not see the B: Drive, Checked Disk managementDrive C: Healthy drive 0, Drive B: Healthy Drive 1, Checked Device Manager EVENTS Drive C: Device configured, Device working properly, Device on line. Drive B: Events Device configured, Device (started), Device working properly. when I go to Windows file manager Drive B: is not displayed just Drive C: and Drive D: DVD Drive
When I go to the Command Prompt an type CD B: drive B is not found, Do I need to uninstall windows 10 and all the drivers or am I missing something stupid. When C Drive first crashed I booted the the PC and with a windows 8 disk and at the command prompt Drive C Empty and Drive B: had the complete directory.


Dec 2, 2009
In Disk Managemrnt, runs diskmgmt.msc, locate your missing drive and right click on the partition and try assigning it a letter.
A and B normally are reserved for Floppy drives and probably blocked w10 from automatically assigning the old drive letter to it.

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