C-Media CM6501 like sound Device


Sep 16, 2009
I am having Audio Problems. I first notice that my bass was not working. Then I notice when watching a movie their was sound in the movie,but the people was not talking.

All the Information I have about the sound Card/Chip is


CMI CM6501 Like Sound Device

I Have found all kinds of information on this Subject,but its all for windows XP!

It acting like my motherboard was not ment to run Window Vista. Is there anyone else

having this problem? And if so How did you fix it?
assuming you are using 5.1 speakers

update the drivers

use power dvd to play movies

make sure your movies *ARE* 5.1

make sure your software is set to 5.1 etc

make sure you have your speakers etc plugged into the right jacks

make sure your speakers are working

make sure if your using a reciever its setup correctly to 5.1

try that


Sep 16, 2009
My Old Pc I did not have sound problems.My new pc I am useing the same

Speakers and same Subwoofer.I have sound at Speakers but none coming from

Subwoofer.Their is 2 ways to ajust the volum.Start/Control Panel their is 2 ways to

Adjust the Volume,one is sound the other is CMI CM6501 sound Config program.

In this program there is no 5.1. I open up the CMI There is System input it looks like

it adjust how many speakers you have.(Ch 2,4,6,8 )

Then there is DPS Mode.Then Output Mode Analog output (speaker 2,4,6,7.1 )

What I have found is this sound system was not ment for Windows Vista.I have

found some old post from 2007 on this same subject.But for sure their is a fix to this

sound problem now.And if you find the post I am talking about my AC'97 is plugged

up Right.
As both the center channel and sub share a line, I would venture to guess you have the cable plugged into the wrong jack, the jack is damaged (either on the speakers or motherboard) or the cable is damaged.

Go into your Sound settings from the control panel.
Click on your playback device (should say Speakers' with C-Media CM 6501 below) then select 'configure' at the bottom.
Here you will be able to chose and test your multi-channel output.
Make sure 5.1 Surround is selected and hit 'Test'.

If sound does not play through the center and sub, switch the Front speaker cable to the Center channel on your motherboard.
Manually press the Center and Sub icons.
Does the sound now play through the front pair?
If so, the issue is with your speakers or the wiring.


Sep 16, 2009
outlw6669 when you say go in to the sound setting,are you meaning the setting for the CMI CM6501 ?
And to answer the other question all speakers do work as well as the Sub.How i know this is cause I unplugged the Sub and plugged it in to where the speaker are plugged in.This is a onboard sound card.I do not have a installed sound card.Their is no and I mean no 5.1,but there is how every a 7.1 suround sound.
I do not think I will every get this to work right.I sure miss the bass ect wroking right.



If you are sure all the speakers are working fine either the system is configured for Stereo output only or the jack is damaged.
Check as with the above to ensure you are properly set to use 5.1 surround and to test all your speakers.
Also, make sure the cables are plugged into the proper jacks..