C:\Windows\Installer folder question


Nov 18, 2010
My 200GB HD is more than 3/4 full with the Windows\Installer folder having 110GB of files in it. There has got to be some SAFE way of deleting some/all of these files. Help!
yeah your file in user/doc~template/ temp/ full file must delete *.*
windows temp / full file delete all
disk clean up all category in box it make long time !
how much free space ?
install CC cleaner : it can help delete registry & fix them

if not sure & Bad News for u , must format your HDD install again win XP fresh + Driver & Software ? how


henydiah, For a "Regular" you give out out some odd advice, or you just don't read the posts except for the last line.

Take a look at this post, http://forums.techguy.org/windows-xp/703897-huge-windows-folder-22-2-a.html there may be an issue with some of your updates failing and they keep trying to donwload and install.

How many files are in the folder? Are there thousands of smaller files or a few giant ones? Sort by size, maybe download WinDirStat from http://windirstat.info/ that will help you see large files clearly. You should also run a spyware and virus scan ASAP, that directory should not be nearly that big, it's just over 1gig on my PC. Although from what I have seen on this topic, this is probably not caused by a virus, but you never know.

Once you can sort what files are in there you can maybe run some web searches on the largest files to see where they may be coming from.

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