Question C32HG70 black screen / oversaturated / too bright issues

Nov 26, 2018
Hi there,

I'm using this monitor (LC32HG70QQUXEN) for quite some time and it always gives me unpleasant surprises.
It had weird stuff going on when i used with an GTX960, but i was like i'll buy an AMD(5700XT) and maybe that will do things differently, and so it does, but not quite like expected.

In windows i have HDR on and colors and brightness set manually so the colors not looking faded like you would see trough 3plastic bags....

I have 2 profiles saved in the monitor, 1st with no freesync and the 2nd with freesync ultimate engine. Another weird thing is that ultimate engine looks a bit more faded then then the standard engine, but radeon settings can help on it..

In general i use the 2nd for everything, sometimes it works like charm, but sometimes it tricks me.

The first and most frequent issue is:
-Everytime i turn on my PC it gives a very bright picture.
It's so bright and i can't even make it good if i turn the brightness down because it looks like the gamma is also higher then it should be.
For some reason it's not enough to push the button of the actual profile, because it loads in and everything will be the same. I have to swith to Profile 1 then back to 2 and it goes back to normal.

Current issue:
In the 2nd profile if i launch a game it just turns black, i can hear the game and do stuff, but the game is black. (in teamviewer i can navigate to exit tho). Probably the ultimate engine, because it works with standard engine.

Other issues i experienced and still don't know the reason behind:
When i launched a game it gave picture for like 3s then it turned black. After switching application it was working fine, switching back to game, 3sec black screen.
In profile one i had no issue, then after a while the issue solved itself and i could play again in profile 2.

With my old PC i had stuff like (with no freesync and HDR):
-if i went afk enough long enough the screen turned off (like intended) but then it didn't came back couldn't find the source. Sometimes it turned on again if i smashed the ctrl+alt+del, but sometimes i had to restart my PC.
-Sometimes in normal use after a while colors went oversaturated(I'm not sure if that's the right word) giving the picture a bit cartoony or painted feel. It was always solved by pushing the button of the actual profile, and it became good again.

With other monitors i never experienced stuff like this, but also the other monitors didn't support any of these features..
I don't know if the monitor playing with me or there are some windows settings i should change?