Question C612 motherboard vs x99A vs B550 for file server or and chia mining ?


Apr 8, 2010
Hello all
I will start by saying am not a super expert but am hobbyist when it comes to assembling computers. I did assemble more than 10 :)
Lately I have been contemplating with assembling a multi tasking machine amongst which being a File server although I have a TS231 2 disks QNAP at home mainly used for video security monitoring and backup for my main PC with 2 disks non raid 16TB in total.

As a hobbyist, I start by being cost conscious and wanting to reuse my existing hardware (have an MSI Z77 GD55 MB and semi-overclocked i7 2600 with 8 GB ram) and suddenly I move to thinking of buying twinkling hardware :) but not necessarily the most expensive, but surely more expensive than reusing older hardware.

I currently have one of my PCs at home mining chia on an i7 10700f processor (doubling as desktop for my wife) and 32 patriot DDR4 at 4133 MHz and an enterprise Samsung 3.2 TB PM 1735 as main mining disk and around 6 sata disks (58TB) and other two disks in the system.

well you know where i am getting, i contemplated having the new built to double as file server and chia mining, so i can shutdown the 10700f desktop when not used. the other alternative is keeping the 10700 for mining and linking disks on the new file server built through a 2.5Gb network, but then the two machines will be on 24/ 7.

I have bought a LIAN LI PC-V2110 Aluminum Alloy Super Tower Case and a Seasonic PRIME TX-850, 850W 80+ Titanium for the new built. the Lian Li case can take without any additions, 8 sata 3.5 inch drives, and with additional 5.25 to 3.5 inch cages can reach up to 18x3.5 inch drives in total. so not a cheap start. but at least we are solving some efficiency re power usage with titanium power supply and a large case for many disks whether for chia mainly or file server second, since i wont need this many disks for file server.

I have the following used systems in my country for sale, and with both i am intending to buy a used xeon 2697v3 processor as a good value processor.
  • Asus Z10PA-U8 populated currently with an E5 1630 v4 and 4 GB ECC ram, which is priced at 100 USD without the CPU but I suppose might be able to get all the items for around 100. So need to buy obsolete rams for this system around 100 usd for each 32 GB 2133 DDR4. it has 10 sata ports and an obsolete m2 slot.
  • MSI X99a Tomahawk MB populated currently with an i7 6850k and 40GB ram at 2133 (suppose non ECC). asking price is 300 USD, I offered 200 but most probably can be settled at 250ish. Will the xeon work with the regular DDR4 rams, internet search suggests yes! it has 10 sata ports and m2 nvme slot.
the other solutions:
  • install my i7 2600 8GB ddr3 and use it, i have a pcie 4 sata card aside for additional sata ports and i have as well one with 2 sata ports in my 10700f built, and with this i need both systems running 24 7
  • buy one of the above MBs and the needed upgrades such at 2.5 GB network card and rams if needed, etc
  • jump heavily into a b550 tuf mb and ryzen 5600x 5700g 5600g or even 5800x (most expensive solution but can use the rams in my current 10700f and just get lesser rams for that system) somehow double price over above
any advice? which solution to go with?


Apr 8, 2010
Hi all, I ended up buying a total different motherboard and system and other parts included I found used for USD 1100. I will use the MB and CPU for my file server chia mining and use the other parts for other things. it seemed a good deal. your opinions are welcomed
the system i found has the following:
  • NZXT H500 case with two extra fans
  • Gigabyte aorus x570 pro wifi (the antenna was missing, but he gave me an alternative antenna)
  • Ryzen 3700x with wraith cooler
  • Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO! 16GB 3600MHz
  • Samsung 980 PRO M.2 500 GB PCI Express 4.0 V-NAND MLC NVMe
  • Seasonic Prime Platinum 750 watts
  • Gigabyte RTX 2080 graphics card
I ran prime 95, furmark, hwinfo, and crystaldisk info, all seemed acceptable, nothing crashed. the ssd had only 200 hours on it, he bought it recently. but the boot of the device seemed slow, but didn't have time to recheck when i was buying it. the items were in a very clean condition visually.
He gave me even the boxes of the items he kept. The price of all above was 1100 USD :) I felt it was a good deal, isn't it. i can use mb and processor for the file server and rest i will use for other systems.

Will need to get a sata controller card and 2.5Gbps card for the MB.