CA ETrust EZ antivirus vulnerability (FYI)



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> Thanks for that Stew. All updated here.
> FYI the update to the standalone AV program returns the options to
> defaults.
> Customized options are not retained.
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You're welcome, HBB.

Ironically, I first manually installed the ArcLib.dll in my existing
version, updated the vet, then scanned and immediately found two trojans
that had (apparently) escaped detection during prior updates/scans. The
infections were due to my own poor downloading habits of late, but I was
mildly surprised that they got through (albeit with my assistance).

Once those were dispatched, I decided to download and install the full
upgrade (to version which among other things changes the GUI for
the program. And as you've mentioned, all prior settings are lost (in the
full upgrade) as the app. is quite different from earlier versions.

This is the first vulnerability I can recall CA having with this AV program.