Joe Gallo

Nov 26, 2015
Hey guys, I’m transitioning to a new build. My first real build. I bought a prebuilt in 2016 from Ibuypower, slapped a Evga supernova p2 850 watt, and a 980 ti in there later.

Now I’m re-using the psu and gpu for my new build

My old mobo only needed 1 of my 4pins on a 4+4 Atx 12v. And now I need a 8pin eps and the 4+4. However I can’t seem to find the eps that came with my psu.

Can I use the 4+4 in the 8 pin slot, I’ve heard it’s fine and that the 4pin can be left dormant?
Also having trouble sourcing either a 4+4 or the 8 pin in Ottawa, Canada.

Definitely need suggestions, anything psu or cpu install related creates a lot of hesitancy in me.