Cable internet suddenly unusably slow


Feb 17, 2012
Hey everyone. I normally have fairly speedy cable internet (12 MBPS) and it has never caused me any issues in the past. My ISP is a company called Ygnition (not the best).

My problem is as follows: I was using my internet on Tuesday to play an online game (SW:TOR) and I walked away from my computer for about 30 minutes, and when I returned I had been disconnected from the game and the internet appeared to be non-functional. I've now discovered that the internet IS CONNECTED but it is INCREDIBLY slow. It takes at least ten minutes to load the google homepage and websites like are unusable. I obviously cannot use the internet with any efficiency, much less log into an online game.

My configuration is as follows (very simple):
Motorola Surfboard Modem ->
D-Link Router ->
Computer via ethernet

I have tried the following troubleshooting steps:
-Power cycling all devices
-Removing the router from the mix
-Switching out ethernet cables and connecting to the other ethernet port on my computer
-Bypassing the cable splitter I use to hook up my cable box for TV (cable TV works great still)
-Release/renewing IP
-Windows network troubleshooting finds no problems (because my internet is connected, just painfully and brutally slow)
-performed a complete spybot s&d scan with no detections

Anyone have any potential solutions?
If you require more information, let me know.

Edit: I also spoke with the tech support for my ISP and they attempted a reset on their end to no avail. A technician is coming out on Monday, but if the problem turns out to be on my end (unlikely) then I'll be charged $35 for the visit. Would love to have internet over the weekend though, so please help! :)
Thank you!