Question Cable Management: Graphics Power Cord and CPU Fan

Aug 5, 2020
I've completed my first build - I'll outline my choices below. I'm trying to do everything right, for some definition of right. This includes cable management.

There are two cables I'm not satisfied with, plus a few other choices I've had to make that I don't fully like.

First, the power cable to the graphics card. All the power cords that came with my power supply daisy chain two connectors. So I end up having this big orange connector just hanging in the air inside my case.

Question 1: Do people specifically buy a single-ended cable for this? If not, how do you handle this?

Question 2: The CPU fan cable is pretty innocuous way at the top, but it's just hanging there. Do people do anything clever with it?

The only other issue I have -- I can live with it, but maybe there are better choices. The MB main 24-pin main connector comes straight out of the card, and the honking-big cable plus straight in. To keep from stressing anything, this means I have the cable come into the main area and make a gentle loop to plug into the card.

Question 3: Do people just live with that loop, or do you buy a different end that puts a bend in the connector?

I have a similar issue with the front USB cable. I have it routed up from the bottom with a big loop and an ugly 90-degree twist besides. No clue how to clean that up.

As for my build. It's pretty basic.

MB: Gigabyte B550 AORUS Master
CPU: AMD Ryzen 3600 XT
Graphics: Sapphire Pulse RX 580 (MicroCenter's line)
Case: Lian Li Lancool II
Power: PowerSpec 650 Watt 80+ Gold
Memory: 2x8mb G.Skill Trident RGB 3600
Storage: Samsung NVME 512gb (went for speed)

Fans: case comes with 3, 1 front mounted, 1 top, 1 back. I moved them all to the front and added 3 RGB fans, 1 back, 2 top.

I love the Lancool II case. The motherboard is more than I need, but I wanted future-proofing, so having a B550 does some of that, and onboard WiFi 6 does some more. I don't do power gaming, so I didn't need more graphics card than this.

Other than cleaning up cable management and tweaking some of the settings, the only other thing I need is a little more RB. There's nothing below the graphics card, so the lower half is dark. I'll add a strip or two, once I figure out which ones I want.

Thanks for any help