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Question Cable management problems

May 26, 2020
This may seem like a rather pointless thing to post about for some of you, but please bear with me as it’s genuinely an issue that I’m experiencing. I just finished my new gaming pc build, hoping to make my setup look like one of the builds you’ll see in setup wars or some other YouTube series like that. It looks good for the most part, but one thing that just looks terrible is the cable management. There are cables all over, and even though I’ve tied some of them together it still looks messy and unorganized. (I’m talking about cable management outside of the pc, not in the PC , so USB, monitor cables, etc.) if anyone knows any effective ways to hide your cables to make your setup look cleaner, or just maybe a product to help it look better it would be of great help. Thank you, and stay safe :)


No secrets here, there are plenty of cable hiding solutions, conduits that attach to desks, cable sleeves you can feed cables through so it's one clean bundle, hooks, etc... without actually seeing your setup there is no way to know what you should use. You may need to organize things with longer cables, using a USB hub to stick the cables close to where the source is so there is only one cable going to the computer. Just do a web search for cable management and you will see plenty of products, what you would use depends on how your desk is.