Take off the left panel of the case. If it has large holes, you can do cable management.
Typically there will be a hole near the PSU and a hole near the hard drive cage.
Typically you pass the power cables out the PSU hole behind the motherboard wall to the hard drive cage.
You can also hide any unused cables this way.
Not all cases have the holes. You could cut the holes yourself. If you do make sure you file the edges smooth so as not to cut any cables. You void your case warranty by altering the case with holes.
When reassembling the left panel, do not put excessive force on it. If there is a cable impeding proper closure, remove it rather than damage it.
Cable management makes a big difference in air flow in the case.


Mar 7, 2009
Hmmm....that would indeed allow more airflow to my graphics card...iv always wondered why the damn cards are upside down if you know what i mean :na: