Cable modem question


Aug 20, 2012
Hi guys I was wondering is it OK if I leave on my cable modem constantly? I have it plugged in to a surge protector aas well as other things including my laptops accessories as well. I work from home so I need to be protected. Anyway I read from one source that you should keep the cable modem on as it is too much of a hassle to turn it off and then turn it on as the network could get delayed for a couple minutes or something? Also I read as well though that u should turn off the cable modem once a month or something to clear out memory? Is that correct? I leave my computer laptop on all the time with an exception of one day a week I turn it off for 8 hours supposedly I read it is good for cleaning out memory etc. If anyone could help me with this it would be appreciated.

I run my cable modem 24/7/365, always have, for years, no issues. It's just not worth worrying about. It draws very little power and frankly doesn't do all that much anyway. So unless you’re having issues, forget about it and let it run.