CableMod WideBeam Hybrid LED Strips Offer Both RGB And White LEDs

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Kind of a cool concept, similar to existing rgb +w strips. Any mention what size the led's or the strip are in terms of width or whether they use 5050's or 3528's? My concern would be the width of the strip itself, if it's wider than a standard smd 5050 it may be difficult to place in tight spots.

Nice to see other rgb+w options since trying to achieve white using standard rgb general isn't pure white as the article states. In theory 255/255/255 should be 'white' but often ends up with a bluish tinge. Maybe not as noticeable unless next to a true white led but sometimes it's nice to have true white.


Sep 6, 2009
who cares what your case lights a christmas tree?

like: " wow you nerd, you are sooooooo cool!"

if any of you saw the inside of my case, you would get a heart attack. but it works, that's all that matters.
These have been available on Amazon for several years, and I'm sure at much lower prices. Personally not a fan of the bling bling with changing light patterns. For a while laser light shows were a stable of concerts but, at least for the drug free, soon faded after 5 minutes of experience.

That's not to say that simple illumination is a bad thing ... white LEDs do thos job the best but Phanteks approach where you can select a shade to display works well. The pulsing, breathing, flashing, and color changing "light shows" however are distracting and, after 5 minutes, quite annoying. The "ooh look at me, look at me" approach to grab attention is kinda like a full face tatoo ... you can't help but look at it once seen, but after the brain takes it all in, it's not like you want to see it again .... it's uncomfortable to see it again.

The death knell for this system however is the remote. It will get dumped in a drawer or misplaced just like every other remote. Make it self-contained with software or perhaps even a phone app, but lose the remote.
The remote looks identical to the one for my led strip. It's just been branded with their name on it. They've gone to the trouble to make it plug into a psu vs a power brick which many will like. My rgb+w is alternating not side by side, that's different. I agree with JackNaylorPE on the motion effects but that's my personal subjectivity. The breathing/flashing effects aren't my cup of tea. The separate white and rgb channels are nice though for creating pastel colors.

If someone is worried about losing the remote they can use something like a sticky backed velcro tab or velcro 'dot'. Stick one half to the case someplace inconspicuous and the other on the back of the remote. It's super lightweight (the same or less than a stick of ram) so a small tab of velcro would work.
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