CAD build -- please comment


Jul 8, 2009
Hey builders!

I am up to build a new system, mainly aiming to work on it. It's been some while that i cared about hardware, so I am not completely up to date. But after studying not only these pages here, it's melting down to the following config:

Intel Core i7 920 4x2.67GHz So1366 BOX

Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD4P, X58 S1366

PNY QuadroFX 580 9500GT 512MB GDDR3 PCIe

Corsair XMS3 KIT 6GB PC3-10667U DDR3-1333 CL9

WD Caviar Blue 400GB SATAII 8MB (WD4000AAJS)

Some comments to this config:
- The hard drive isn't supposed to be huge, I got enough external space.
- In proximon's guide I read the RAM should be below 1.65V, the one listed above is exactly 1.65V, is that OK?
- I chose the 1366 socket, as my system should be upgradable for some while, good choice?
- I go for the NVIDIA card as I want good driver support for Linux systems.
- I chose the boxed Core i7 to safe some money at first. I read that it is rather loud.

So far, I am unsure about the case and the PSU. Do I really need a PSU with more than 500W? Concerning the case, it seems that the layout of the plugs on the back differs strongly between boards, many cases I've looked at would not fit my mainboard, as I guess. Will the mainboard ship the fitting cover? Hope you get what I mean here...

What do you think about price development? I some weeks summer break starts. Would it be worth to wait till september, when the Core i5 comes out?

Last question, any suggestions about the monitor? Very general question, I know, but so far I haven't spend much time on this topic. I guess, I don't need a very small refresh rate. Do you know a good guide?

I know in May number9 started a thread with a similar build, but maybe things changed.

Many thanks in advance,