Call of duty black ops not responding

Eyad Khaled

Aug 31, 2011
hello i installed call of duty black ops on my pc my win was xp service pack 3 but when i open it it does not respond but after i changed my windows 3 times to make it work i installed win 7 then it worked but still there is a problem when i open it after the intro i can't move the mouse in press any key after that it does not respond i have 3gb ram and a high res card and my computer is not old any ideas?

please i need who help me in that because my pc is boring :( :( :(


Mar 3, 2013
I bought a pirated one (Black Ops) and in Windows7.In the intro,when it says press any key,I press SpaceBar and suddenly the whole screen goes black.WHAT SHOULD I DO.!!!I CANT LIVE WITHOUT BLACK OPS WORKINGG!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
toms doesnt condone piracy so you wont find help here.
buy the game from steam or some other reputable retailer instead of buying illegal downloads which is worse than actually copying it yourself. your paying a thief to supply you with stolen goods. with no guarantee it will work. so not only were you dumb for not buying a legit version you got ripped off to add to the insult.


Feb 26, 2011

Steam has had Black Ops 2 on sale for the last 3 weeks ........ pay for a retail copy. Also you do realize that more than half of the torrent sites people use to distribute pirated games are filled with viruses and malware? Furthermore ....People like you are the reason games are so expensive and developers are not huge fans of the the PC market. Get a legit copy please