Question Call of Duty Warzone GPU is not being used all the way

Aug 3, 2020
So I am using a ryzen threadripper 1950X two GTX 1080 running in SLI and 32 GB of 2400mhz RAM. I play call of duty and on high settings in warzone I will max my GPU 1 usage (warzone doesnt support SLI) and I will get around 90 FPS. Then, when I lower my settings all the way to low, I get a GPU 1 utilization of around 60% but my frames stay at around 90 FPS. Shouldnt my GPU continue to use 100% if I have all my setttings lowered and provide more FPS? I have updated my graphics drivers, updated my windows 10, reinstalled the game and its optimizations, and tinkered with the task manager priority, and NOTHING I do works, i am at my wits end. Also I am seeing youtubers benchmarking with lower and on par specs with mine who are getting often DOUBLE my FPS. WHAT IS HAPPENING!

Edit: my temps also arent very high I am getting around 60-70 degrees on my GPU under full load and 50-60 degrees when it was running at 60% like I mentioned before. My CPU is running quite cool at around 50-60 degrees when playing and it is only under around 40% load when in game

Edit 2: All of the data for temps and usage I have provided are through afterburner rivatuner
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