Calling all ASRock Z68 Extreme 7 Gen 3 OWNERS. slow booting


i have a question, a week ago i build my new rig ( first time build) and every time i turn on my new computer it takes about 10 - 15 seconds for the ASRock boot screen to appear; but in the process i see that Dr. Debug goes trough a series of numbers codes and then after the ASRock boot screen appear (10-15 sec later) Dr. debug turn off and from there Windows initialize ( it takes windows to load like 5 sec).
im just asking because my older computer gave me 3 beeps and right away i saw the boot screen.
is this normal for this board? thanks
SSD should be far lesser. Reports say 5 seconds. But those are under test conditions. Real world would be 10+ depending on the number of start-up application that you have. Like for me from POST to the Windows 7 logo screen it takes not more than 5-6 seconds. And i dont even have an SSD.


Nov 3, 2011
If the ASMedia SATA controller is set to be bootable in BIOS, then booting might take more time. Best is to connect your boot drive to one on the SATA ports connected to the Intel SATA controller, and set ASMedia SATA Controller as not bootable.

You can also check if the Primary Graphics Adpater is set correctly in BIOS. And you can play with the settings for Full Screen Boot Logo.

Maybe one of the connected devices (USB/SATA/...) is not recognized easily. Disconnecting them one by one might give some clue.