Calling All Genii!


Sep 8, 2011
Dear Community,
Help! Basically I recently upgraded my system as the last one died. But theres a problem - it wont play any new games. At all.
I can play really old games like Beyond good and evil and non graphics intensive like Trackmania nations. But as soon as i start up a new game like Assasins creed, Oblivion Or Deus Ex Human revolution it wont work.

Usually it will boot into the menu and load into the game but once the actual game is loaded (so that you would be standing in a 3d environment) it stops working, either just plain closing, bringing up a message saying something like i dont have enough GPU memory or just crashes the whole machine.

My Specs are :
Processor : INtel core 2 duo q6600 quad core 2.33 ghz proccessor
PSU 700W modular (cooler master)
Case : Silencio 550
Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-G41MT-S2P
GPU :palit Nvidia GTX 460 OC

I'm running xp (32 bit) so im thinking that it could be cos it cant use DX11 - but those games can use DX9c, so why the crashes? (A few days later) I'm also thinking it could be a hardware failure because now it also wont output to a screen at all when you boot up. THe same thing happened to my last card but this is brand new.

I really need the help cos this build just cost me quite a lot of money and I would really like it to work.
I appreciate any help you can give.
Have you ever updated your bios and are the drivers up to date on the video card. What are the minimum specs on these games. What is your installed ram size. The one thing you have to remember with Windows 32 bit is that you can anly use 4 gb or less of ram and Windows will count up all of the ram that is in that PC and that includes video ram as well as your ram sticks. That could be the reason you get that error message about the video ram. Depending on what you have for your ram cofiguration you might be able to remove one stick and see if that makes a difference.