Question Camera Controller Setup Issues (Lumens VS-KV30 and Tenveo NV20A camera)


Sep 7, 2015
We bought a Tenveo NV20A camera and a Lumens VS-KB30 controller. The controller recognizes the camera but says no up/down/left/right control.

The manuals are pretty useless and I am left scratching my head. The VS-KB30 manual says
[Remark] Please make sure that SYSTEM SWITCH DIP1 and DIP3 on the bottom of Lumens camera are set as OFF (RS232 & baud rate 9600)
The camera isn't lumens but Tenveo (save cost) and has some Dial-up SW1 and SW2 switches but I am not sure what to set them to.

The SW2 1-3 siwtches in the manual are pretty clear to set DIP's 1-3 to off for VISCA 9600 which is fine.
I am not sure what to set SW1 dips 1-6 to though as all it says is PTZ Add 1,2, 64 and has dip configurations for those. I had it set to PTZ add 1 initially by default but still doesn't seem to work.

Any advice or guidance here would be greatly appreciated as I am at a loss and don't want to fry this equipment.

Camera Manual (A few pages are missing)
Lumens VS-KB30 Manual

Camera Pins Underneath
Missing page from manual

Current Setup
Camera USB to Computer for Video
Camera RS232 8 pin adapter to Cat 5 cable to VS-KB30

Edited to add photos to the camera pins and missing page from manual