Can´t activate Transcoding on RAGE with Nvidia cards?


Oct 4, 2011

I finally bought the game because now it is cheap and though the terrible problems people were having were already resolved, but no, I´ve been having lots of problems. Did you guys have to turn off SLI? How? I disabled it in nvidia control panel but I still cant seem to have a proper benchmark score (53 points) and cant activate the transcoding feature, it says hardware not supported or low memory. When I activate high textures it says I dont have quad core, which is not true. I dont understand what is happening and keep seeing a lot of texture popping, the games really sucks played this way. I have a 2500k cpu, 2x Nvidia GTX570´s, a Vertex 3 120gb and the 296.10 last driver so I think I should be able to max every setting.

Can guys you help me please? Thanks in advance! :)