Question Can’t see devices on network even though they have internet access ?

Jan 25, 2023
Good evening. I have a Verizon G3100 and am trying to use parental controls on my children’s iPads. Thing is, I do not see the devices through MAC address. I do not see any of my iPads or iPhone MAC addresses in the device list. Any idea what is going on? Thanks in advance.
I have not used a verizon router in a long time but can you not just key in the mac address. It would be strange if it actually had to be active on the network when you configure the rules.

Parental controls are close to worthless even when the kids do not actively attempt to bypass change their mac address for example.

I can't believe the garbage you find even in the newer manuals. They talk about filtering by keyword in a URL. Web urls have been encrypted for almost 10yrs now. The router can not see anything other than the IP addresses. Even the last hole that allowed DNS snooping has been closed for a while with the use of encrypted DNS.

At the very best parental controls can block a list of IP addresses but that is also less effective now that everything is virtual and runs in multiple cloud locations.

Now if you are trying to do something simple like block all access to some device at certain times of day that will work fine.

Note if you have another router in your network it might be hiding the mac addressees of the end devices.....also a way sneaky kids bypass the parental controls.