Question Can 1st gen Ryzen run stable beyond 2933mhz ram ?


Nov 28, 2021
I had r7 1700 for years paired with corsair lpx 3000mhz hynix ram, b350F, latest bios

It seems fine with 2933 mhz but not 3000mhz on docp, and i never suceed in oc ram to 3200mhz


1st Gen Ryzen platforms should be able to go to DDR3-3200MHz, provided your board has the right BIOS version and the rams like to go to those speeds. Is this your board? Latest BIOS doesn't exactly state much, which is why we ask for the BIOS version on your motherboard after we know what the make and model of the board is. Might want to also add a link to the Corsair ram you're working with. FYI, don't just enable X.M.P, manually set the timings, frequency and voltage in BIOS.
I had 1700x on x370MB running at 3200MHz but these were Samsung b-die RAM but because of Cl 17 RAM performance was better at 3000MHz Cl12.
Main limitations are IMC and 300 series chipset MBs with lousy RAM topography. In short, it takes a b-die or equivalent to get any good results from such combo. On the other hand, it takes low Cl to make much difference between 2933 and 3000 or even 3200MHz in RAM performance and even less in overall performance. About 20% increae in RAM performance equals about 1-2% overall depending on SW.
While it's certainly possible to run beyond 2933 1st gen IMC's, and especially those in early production samples, weren't nearly as capable as 2nd gen and nowhere close to 3rd gen. Also important is getting on a later BIOS as AMD improved memory compatibility with every AGESA update early on.

The sweet spot, though, was -- and still is -- with Samsung B-die. That was the easiest to get 3200 and higher clocks. It's also likely to require some tuning of memory timings.